Giftbox Navy Strength Gin


51,90 € TTC
fft / 57% vol

- 1 bottle Opyos Navy Strength Gin (50cl 57% vol)
- 2 Opyos Gin Glasses


Navy Strength Gin
Navy Strength Gin
Navy Strength Gin
Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength Gin
& Imperdibile Wild Botanical Tonic
Mini Navy Strength Gin


The idea of making a Navy Strength Gin came to our mind when we have asked ourselves the rather straightforward question of ‘How would our Dry Gin taste if we increased the amount of juniper berries dramatically?’, as it is not as juniper marked as a classic London Dry Gin (that’s why we call it Luxembourg Dry Gin). And so we started experimenting by adding more and more juniper berries and it was interesting to learn how the flavour profile of the gin has changed and evolved. After having discovered that the extra amount of juniper goes especially well with a little higher alcohol level, we have decided to make a Navy Strength out of it.

Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength Gin

Opyos Navy Strength Gin is essentially created by adding an extra amount of juniper berries to our classic Dry Gin recipe and bottled at a higher proof in order to capture the entire essence of the juniper berry. As always, it’s crafted in small batches and it combines our unique botanical bouquet with a full-bodied palette of juniper-forward flavours, balanced by hearty notes of pine needles and spicy citrus aromas, while stimulating a crisp warmth.


Navy Strength Gin


Bold juniper berries and the fragrance of a coniferous forest after rainfall are standing out vigorously. Afterwards honey notes and fresh citrus scents are completing the first impressions of our Navy Strength Gin.


The distinctive flavours on the palate are even more complex than the olfactory impressions. The juniper-led aromas are intensified by red berries, such as rosehip and blackberry, complemented by a spicy woodiness and rounded-off by our classic Opyos character.


Flavour-packed, profound and yet surprisingly smooth.


Navy Strength Gin

For the real gin enthusiast, Opyos Navy Strength Gin is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. If you go for a classic G&T and still want the juniper-forward experience, use 4cl of Navy Strength Gin with 20cl of Imperdibile Wild Botanical Tonic Water. Otherwise try our spectacular Gimlet or a perfectly-balanced Dry Martini.