The manufacturing process of Opyos Luxembourg Sloe (lëtz. Schléiwen) Gin has begun in October 2018 when the first frost has hit our Luxembourgish hedgerows. That frost reduces the bitterness of the sloe berries and makes them at least a bit more palatable. After being hand-picked one by one, the berries are macerating, together with organic raw cane sugar, in our award-winning Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin for several months. This long period allows the gin to penetrate the berries and extract all the crucial components from the skin, flesh as well as the pit.

Luxembourg Sloe Gin

Luxembourg Sloe Gin

After the maceration, the soaked sloe berries are being pressed carefully so that we can gather the entire flavour, mouthfeel and colour that come from this little inconspicuous berry. Between pressing and bottling, we give the Sloe Gin another couple of weeks so that we can collect most of the sediment at the bottom of the tank. As always, we do not chill-filter, nor add anything unnatural, before bottling this liqueur at 26% vol.


Luxembourg Sloe Gin


The nose is full of bright ripe berries intermixed with subtle aromas of cherry and a sweet almond touch. Followed by citrus notes and the characteristic Opyos freshness and crispiness.


Beautifully mirroring the olfactory impressions, paired with a rather sweet and velvety sensation. Dark forest fruit, sour cherries and hints of spiciness at the beginning which are followed by slight notes of almond.


Remarkable intensity that is characterised by sweet, ripe dark fruits and a silky texture. A warm sensation underlined by fresh citrus peel and the recognisable Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin flavour, which is rounding off the experience and shaping a lingering taste.


Luxembourg Sloe Gin

Opyos Luxembourg Sloe Gin is best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks. If you want to go for a classic G&T, its velvety dark fruit aromatics are best paired with a citrusy tonic, opening the entire flavour profile. If you want an alternative aperitif, add 5cl of our Sloe Gin to your Crémant (sparkling wine) and you have the perfect combination between acidity and sweetness.

Luxembourg Sloe Gin


38,90 € TTC
50 cl / 26% vol

Opyos Sloe Gin is made by resting a selection of hand-picked sloe berries in a base of our award-winning Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin for several months. The result is a wonderfully balanced palette of flavours, characterised by gentle notes of sweet almond and seductive fruit aromas that come alive in a velvety texture and warm violet colour.


Luxembourg Sloe Gin
Luxembourg Sloe Gin
Luxembourg Sloe Gin

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