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49,90 € TTC
fft / 45% vol

- 1 bottle Opyos Pastis de Luxembourg (75cl 45% vol)
- 2 Opyos Pastis Glasses
- 1 Opyos Pastis Carafe


Pastis de Luxembourg
Pastis de Luxembourg
Pastis de Luxembourg
Pastis de Luxembourg

Pastis de Luxembourg


When it comes to making our Pastis de Luxembourg, meticulous planning and a precisely timed production process are of exceptional relevance. The process starts by selecting the 11 ingredients of our recipe and preparing them for their respective application. Some of them are distilled, others are macerated over longer periods, and some are both. For the maceration, the selected aromatic plants, herbs and spices are individually filled into containers that contain neutral grain spirit between 20% vol and 60% vol. It takes a couple of days until the desired flavours are extracted by the alcohol. The result is different infusions that all have their very own characteristics and contribution to the final spirit.

Pastis de Luxembourg

Pastis de Luxembourg

Next to the different infusions, we are creating a distillate via traditional copper still distillation. This process enables to extract the distinct oils, essences, and flavours that are inherent to the different herbs, plants and spices. The infusions and the distillate are then precisely assembled and demineralised water is added little by little in order to reduce the Pastis to a drinking strength of 45% vol. Before being filtered, we let the assemblage rest for a couple of weeks so that the sediment of the infusions can be collected at the bottom of the tank. Once we have tasted and approved the batch, we add the sugar and the Pastis is ready to be bottled.


Pastis de Luxembourg


Green herbal notes are reminding of anise and fresh fennel, are being completed by the spicier star anise, sweet liquorice and hints of chamomile.


The combination of the different anise flavours together with the earthy liquorice taste are creating a rich palate, while the herbal freshness is reminding of grated lemon peel.


Flavour-packed, profound and long-lasting anise and liquorice notes, together with persisting fresh fennel aromas.


Pastis de Luxembourg

For the perfect serve we recommend mixing 1 volume (2cl) of Pastis de Luxembourg with 3 to 5 volumes of water. If you prefer drinking your Pastis on ice, only add the ice cubes after having poured the water. It is best enjoyed during any aperitif and can also be paired with fish, vegetables and cheese.