Luxembourg Dry Gin


41,90 € TTC
70 cl / 44% vol

Crafted in small batches, our Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin is a harmonious blend of 8 local elements we hand-pick in our rural surroundings and intermix with 18 botanicals classic to the gin genre. This is resulting in a London Dry Gin that is intentionally marked by an atypical scent and flavour profile, a layered complexity that gives not only gin enthusiasts an elevated experience.


Luxembourg Dry Gin
Luxembourg Dry Gin
Luxembourg Dry Gin

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Giftbox Dry Gin
Luxembourg Mini Dry Gin


Opyos is created via traditional copper still distillation. We found that this method allows us to achieve complete expression of our locally based botanicals during our distilling processes. To distil our gin, we firstly need a base alcohol. For this purpose, we are using a 96% vol neutral alcohol. It is completely free of odour and flavour, exactly what we need to produce our individual notes during distillation. We fill this alcohol into tanks, and overnight, a part of our meticulously balanced botanicals mixture macerate inside. That way, the distinct oils, essences, and flavours have enough time to evolve. The profound taste and vibrant body of the final product are also due to the outstanding quantity of botanicals that we are processing in our mash.

Luxembourg Dry Gin

Luxembourg Dry Gin

Distilling is the heart of the process. The mash slowly heats up to boiling temperature and the first alcohol vapour is ascends the firing column and reacts with the copper. At this point we put emphasis on a slow distilling pace. This takes more time and it is a small but fine detail of our production process that you will later not only experience in the flavour but also in the mouthfeel of our gin. After distilling, the gin is stressed and will need some rest. It now has 86% vol on average and we are giving the gin with all its different aromas eight weeks in order to unite and become a whole. The last piece of the story we perform before bottling, is adding demineralised water. We add little by little in order to reduce the gin to our drinking strength of 44% vol.


Luxembourg Dry Gin


Dominating juniper in the beginning, together with notes of different berries and blossoms. Followed by a freshness tracing back to citrus fruits. In the end, bitter and spicy aromas are adding to the complexity.


Complex, reflecting the aromas from the nose. The juniper that is dominating at the beginning, is sliding to the background and is leaving a wide, fruity, crisp taste with nuances of spiciness and a certain sweetness.


Rounded off and harmonious. The honey, the bold spiciness from the juniper and coriander and the citrus notes ensure a rather intense but pleasant sensation that remains for a while.


Luxembourg Dry Gin

Thanks to its balanced flavour and lovely mouthfeel, Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin is meant to be sipped neat or over ice. If you decide to go for a classic G&T, we recommend using a botanical/mediterranean tonic in order to round off the complex aroma profile.