Founder – Process Planning & Customer Relations

As a trained organisational and personal developer, he is used in planning every production process meticulously and willing to get everyone on the same boat. By his chronic lateness, he ensures the filling up of the team’s cashbox.


Founder – Finance & Marketing

Graduated Entrepreneur and creator of Opyos’ content on- and offline. Known as the man behind the creative and less creative ideas. Makes sure that the bills are paid by the end of the month. Always wants to have the last word.


Founder – Events & Sales

Our Sommelier sometimes succeeds to distract us from the essentials by fishing out a good bottle of wine from his cellar. He’s recruiting new Opyos enthusiasts and is looking forward to invite you to one of our tasting events. Being a studied gastronomer, he’s not too shabby.

michel [at]
+ 352 621 598 155

frank [at]
+ 352 621 237 008

jim [at]
+ 352 621 240 208

Opyos Beverages S.à r.l

7, route de Reisdorf
L – 9364 Keiwelbach

TVA LU29387182
RCS B214947

+352 621 598 155
cheers [at]


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